Recommended Brokers List

Recommended Brokers

Our list of recommended brokers being used by traders on the various Crush Pro Teams. They have passed our due diligence and meet our standard of quality to earn our business.

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Hello Traders!

Welcome to our Recommended Brokers for the various teams at Crush Pro Trading. The brokers you will find here have passed our review and we feel of a high enough quality to use and recommend to you, our valued traders. This doesn’t mean they are perfect nor does it guarantee your funds, but they have met our strict requirements to handle our business. In the beginning we outline what those requirements are so if you wish to use a different broker, you will be armed with the right tools to do your due diligence. Let us know if you come across a broker you think is worthy to be on our list and we will review them. Also, we can use this as a place to discuss any issues we have and share that knowledge with the other traders. It isn’t you against me, but rather us against them!